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Own part of our business and help us improve the world's hearing.

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*Capital at risk

We are raising money to fulfil our mission to improve the world's hearing and contribute to critical research about how hearing and dementia are linked. 

Our patent-pending product combines immersive audio with mobile technology and is designed to improve people's hearing skills through fun, hearing training games.


Huge potential market: 1.5bn people are at risk of hearing loss globally, growing 63% by 2050.
We are first movers: focusing on hearing loss before hearing aids are needed.
User tested: Our Beta product has been downloaded by over 500 users.
Commercial trials: We are running pilots with several companies including a call centre, national retailer and wellbeing provider.

It's not just an investment, it's your health & well-being

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*Capital at risk


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Love your hearing

eargym is the digital hearing fitness platform offering fun and immersive hearing training games designed to improve your hearing skills.

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