What's That Sound?

Find out how each sound effect was created

  • The sound of the TIE Fighter was created by taking the noise of a screaming elephant, sampled from the 1958 Errol Flynn adventure movie, Roots Of Heaven, and stretching it to make the sound longer.


  • Ben Burtt was out hiking when his backpack got stuck on a guy wire (a tensioned cable designed to add stability to a free-standing structure). The sound of his backpack suddenly pulling away was the original recording he used for the laser blaster - although lots of effects were added in post-production to create the final sound.


  • Many animals were combined to create the sound of Chewbacca, including bears, lions, badgers, and a walrus. Lots of different recordings and vocalisations from the animals were spliced together to create the alien language we all recognise as Chewie.

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How well do you really know Star Wars?

Star Wars is an era-defining series of films known for the unique use of sounds to create a truly immersive and inventive world. 

But how well do you really know the films? Can you guess how each of these iconic sound effects was created?