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Take our ear age test to find out your ear age and hearing ability!
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Download the app to test your hearing

How old are your ears? 

To find out, take our free online hearing test and discover your hearing age in just 60 seconds.

How does this test work?

It's natural that as we age and are exposed to loud sounds, our hearing can decline, and when this happens it's usually the high frequencies that are the first to go. 

Our hearing age test finds the highest frequency you can hear to give you an estimate of your hearing age.

How do you take our ear age test?
  1. Get settled in a quiet spot with no distractions and set your device volume to 50%.

  2. Press play on hearing age test video - you’ll hear a tone play.

  3. Pause the video once you can no longer hear the tone - this will tell you your ear age.

Download the app now and start your free trial
What next?

Start your free trial of the eargym app!

If your hearing age was not what you expected, don't worry. 

You can find out more about your hearing by taking further tests on our app. 

eargym was created to test and strengthen your hearing. 

With noticeable benefits in just 4 weeks, download eargym today and start your 7-day free trial.

Noticeable benefits reported by eargym testers in just 4 weeks
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Improved hearing test results by an average of 14%
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Noticed an improvement in locating sounds
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Noticed an improvement paying attention
It IS possible to improve your hearing skills

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