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Hearing loss costs the global economy $981bn in lost productivity and unemployment each year (£25bn in the UK alone).

  • Reduced performance

  • Early retirement 

  • Absence

Here at eargym we are helping businesses boost their employee benefits package, improving staff engagement, increasing retention and reducing risk with our unique well-being solution. 71% of our user-testers improved.  Those who improved gained an average of 14% in just 4 weeks.

Improving hearing at work can have significant financial benefits. Input your details into our calculator to see how much your business could save.

For a more detailed estimate based on your company's demographic and specific needs, book a meeting with us today.


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Financial Benefit Calculator

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This is an estimate based on averages, for a more accurate estimate customised to your business, contact us and find out more about bringing the benefits of eargym to your team.


Did you know:

  • hearing loss effects 1 in 6 people of working age

  • people with hearing loss are paid on average 25% less

  • and retire 9 years earlier

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