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Hearing loss isn’t just for older people
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If you’re finding it harder to hear in loud spaces, harder to concentrate at work or if you already have hearing loss, then eargym was designed for you.

From understanding your hearing age, to strengthening your hearing skills using our immersive games -
eargym is on a mission to make better hearing accessible for all.
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Take the ear age test now for FREE
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Discover our immersive games and start to strengthen your hearing skills with regular practise
Download the app now to test your hearing, set your baseline and start strengthening your hearing
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Noticeable benefits reported by eargym testers in just 4 weeks
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Improved hearing test results by an average of 14%
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Noticed an improvement in locating sounds
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Noticed an improvement paying attention
It IS possible to improve your hearing skills
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What eargym users say...

"eargym's games have helped me massively focus on listening. It has changed the way I view my hearing and I'm a much better listener now."
When was the last time you had a hearing test?

Hearing loss isn’t just for older people and it affects more than just your hearing.

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