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Help your employees hear better

eargym offers your team personalised hearing healthcare at an affordable price. Get a comprehensive workplace assessment and impact report, care plans for your team, and ongoing support through the eargym app.

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Hearing health is badly overlooked in the workplace

We often think hearing loss is only a concern in later life, but the reality is very different.

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1 in 6 people of working age have disabling levels of hearing loss. That’s 7 million people in the UK alone.

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Employees with unaddressed hearing loss retire up to 9 years earlier than their co-workers.

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50% of your Gen Z workforce are at risk of hearing loss from unsafe listening habits.

Why do we need to look after hearing health?

Hearing care goes beyond just hearing better, it has a big impact on our wider health and well-being. Unaddressed hearing loss can increase the speed of cognitive decline by up to 40%.

A recent survey of employees with hearing loss showed that:


find if difficult to take part in video or teleconferencing meetings.

RNID, Working for Change Report

How eargym can help

With packages customised to meet the needs of your business, eargym helps ensure your employees feel supported and able to do their best work throughout long careers.

Reviewing Reports at Desk

Company assessments

Learn about your team’s hearing health and headphone use to personalise the benefits you provide with optional private audiology appointments to those who need them.

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Learning materials

Get access to a series of videos, articles and live webinars with experts that support your team as they learn more about hearing and cognitive health.

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Premium app access 

Provide your team with access to eargym for unlimited testing, hearing training, and advice from professionals. 

Get in touch

Hearing loss is largely preventable or treatable with cost-effective interventions. Find out how eargym’s flexible packages can provide the right support for your team.

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