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Our global mission is to discover how immersive auditory training can best address the effects of age-related hearing loss on our social interactions and cognitive decline.

Life is better with sound

Age related hearing loss affects 466m people around the world. Decline in our ability to hear affects nearly of all of us at some point in our lives. Most people are simply not aware of the importance of maintaining their hearing through timely assessments and proactive protection, risking more rapid decline. Not being able to hear properly is correlated with social isolation and cognitive decline; imagine life without sound.

One of the first signs of age related hearing loss is finding it harder to hear what people say in busy places like cafes and bars.

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Our beta product is launching soon, sign up and be one of the first to discover your hearing. By joining eargym you will be contributing to our mission to discover how we can help improve lives by empowering and inspiring people all over the world to love their hearing for longer.

About us

Our mission is to discover how immersive auditory training can best address the effects of age-related hearing loss on our social interactions and cognitive decline, globally. eargym is a new business launched through Zinc’s social mission lead venture builder, we have recently finished testing our prototype and are currently developing our first product. Join us and help create a world where we can all love our hearing for longer.

Our Team

Together with our partners in academia, charities and industry, we are creating enjoyable, immersive listening training to help you keep hearing the sounds you love to hear.

Amanda Philpott 



NHS Chief Executive
Business consultant
UK accredited mediator


Population health & care strategy
Public engagement
Process & performance improvement

Hearing level

Mild hearing loss

Andy Shanks 



DJ & Pro-audio
Brand & Marketing


Digital technology

Hearing level

Mild hearing loss

Our Advisors

We are grateful for the ongoing advice and support of the following experts in the fields of hearing and audio.

Dr Lorenzo Picinali 

Senior Lecturer in Audio 
Experience Design

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eargym is delighted to be part of Zinc's Mission 3 to add five more quality years to later life. Zinc is a venture builder which runs a 9-month programme where 50 entrepreneurs come together in London with the aim of building new social enterprises from scratch and the ambition of reaching 100m people globally.

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