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  • Amanda Philpott

eargym Launches an Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Coming soon on Crowdcube

My co-founder Andy and I are thrilled that eargym is launching our first equity crowdfund very soon. It means that anyone interested in having a genuine stake in our mission to improve hearing health and cognition worldwide can now do so, from as little as £10.

We’ve made fantastic progress over the past 18 months with our Beta app development, user-testing and business pilots, and we’ve so much more exciting work ahead. There’s lots of exciting developments coming in 2022 that we can’t wait to share, including an improved user experience, more immersive training games, cognition testing to support dementia research, and new training rewards and benefits.

What actually is crowdfunding?

Traditionally, the only way to fund a new business was to seek out large investments from a small number of backers. However, crowdfunding is different, and as the name suggests it gives businesses the opportunity to raise funds by asking a large number of people, i.e. the crowd, for smaller sums of money.

There are lots of crowdfunding platforms out there, but we’ve decided to launch our campaign on Crowdcube. They have a community of over 2 million investors who have invested more than £1 billion so far, have a very thorough due diligence process, and have been used to crowdfund by other incredibly successful businesses including Monzo, Brewdog, and Revolut.