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Would you like to take part in new and exciting research?
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Cognitively healthy adults
You have not been diagnosed with dementia or a similar condition
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Aged between 45 and 75 years old
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You are a native British English speaker
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You have little or no hearing loss
You may have difficulty hearing speech in noisy places, like busy cafes
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You own a smartphone and a pair of headphones
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Attend 2 assessment visits in a major UK city
e.g. London, Manchester, Newcastle
What would you do?
Attend an initial visit
Train with eargym app
Attend a final follow-up visit
This will be up to 2 hours and include:
  • Hearing check
  • Listening tasks
  • Various questionnaires
This will be for up to 7 weeks, including 5 weekly sessions, ~20 minutes each
This will be up to 2 hours and include retaking the tests from the start of the study.
Receive £12/hour for each visit, plus £50 for completing the programme.
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If you complete the entire study, you'll be entered into a prize draw to win one of two prizes worth £50 or £100.

We will also reimburse certain travel-related (public transportation or parking) expenses of up to £20.
Find out more and to express your interest
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