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The effects of hearing loss are more serious than you think

Evidence indicates that hearing loss and cognitive decline are linked.
No one knows why. We're helping find out.

Based on combined results from multiple studies reported by the Lancet Commission on dementia in 2017, evidence shows that hearing loss is correlated with social isolation, mild cognitive impairment and dementia. In fact, there is strong evidence to show that:

Mild hearing loss doubles the risk of developing dementia

Moderate hearing loss triples the risk of developing dementia

Severe hearing loss increases the risk up to five times


Contribute to science and research

Building on lab-based research, eargym is working with world-leading experts in hearing and cognition to discover exactly how much hearing training can improve our hearing and quality of life in the real world. While longer-term looking at exactly why hearing loss impacts our cognitive well-being.

We need your help

By using our app, regularly testing and training your hearing skills your anonymous data will be used to progress this highly important area of science.


What is hearing training?

Good hearing is good for our social engagement and overall health and well-being. Unfortunately, hearing loss from age and noise-related wear and tear is very common, with around 1.5 billion people at risk.

The good news is you can take action; by combining realistic immersive audio technology and scientific research our training games stimulate the ears and parts of the brain responsible for hearing. It’s like a software upgrade for your auditory system.

The good news is, with eargym you can take control of your hearing health.

Good for your ears, good for your brain & great for your long-term well-being

Dr Jesal Vishnuram

Head of assistive technology at RNID

“Here at RNID we share similar values to eargym, to help people learn more about their hearing health and improve their hearing ability. eargym offers a quick and simple way to learn more about your personal hearing ability and what you can do about it right now.”

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eargym’s unique hearing training games are fun and those with a competitive side can join leaderboards and challenges.

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