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Support the brilliant research and work of charitable, academic, and clinical communities with your anonymous data; helping us achieve our mission to improve hearing health and reduce cognitive decline all over the world.

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GDPR and your data

We will keep the above information (email, name, age, gender, rough location and hearing level) on record so we can contact you about opportunities to review and feedback on our work. When we ask for your feedback, we will ask for more information about what you think and this information will be kept on record while we make improvements to our work. We will also ask you to complete various hearing tests and complete hearing training exercises, from which we will track any changes in your hearing ability as well as how often you train and your performance.


We will use this data for the following purposes only:


  • To design more effective training solutions and to create a better experience when using our products.

  • To use your feedback quotes in our marketing as testimonials (anonymously).

  • We will never sell or share your data with 3rd parties for commercial gain.

  • We may share your training/hearing profile with our academic partners for scientific research but it will be kept anonymous.

You can contact us at any time to ask what data we hold and to have that data deleted.


Find out more about our privacy policies which you can access below. 

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At eargym, we take an innovative approach to hearing health. Our auditory training games have been carefully designed to improve the key hearing skills crucial to our overall well-being, social connections, and long-term cognitive health.

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71% of eargym testers noticed improvement in their key hearing skills in just 4 weeks.

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