Become an Official eargym Tester

We are offering an exclusive opportunity for 100 people to join our team as official testers. Be one of the first people to try our hearing training. You'll get to see and shape our work as we progress and have opportunity to test your hearing in lab conditions with our academic partners. Your feedback and input will be highly valuable in helping us develop effective training that improves hearing. Together we can achieve our mission to help millions all over the world, love their hearing for longer. Thank you for your support.

How it works

  1. Please sign up below

  2. We'll add you to our tester mailing list

  3. You'll receive our emails with requests for feedback (typically with 1 weeks notice)

  4. Contribute however you can

Who should apply?

We are designing our hearing training for anyone experiencing age-related-hearing-loss and that affects different people at different times. To capture a broad range of needs we are looking to build a diverse group of testers of all ages, genders and backgrounds with mild, moderate or severe hearing loss. We are particularly keen to work with people aged 45-65years. So if you are starting to find it hard to understand people in busy environments like bars and cafes, have noticed a deterioration in your hearing or have had issues for a while please do sign up.

What will it involve?

We will likely ask for feedback on a monthly basis but it could be bi-weekly during intense development. We know you won’t be available every time and that is ok, although there will be rewards for our best testers!

Being a tester will involve the following;

  1. Reviewing our work in progress - eg concept drawings, videos & design demos 

  2. Using our beta app regularly (eg 2-3 times  a week before we launch to the public)

  3. Sending us feedback via email, survey or sometimes recorded video

  4. Assessing your hearing occasionally

  5. Optionally attending focus groups and discussions on video call

  6. Optionally volunteering for lab testing with out scientific partners

We will aim to try to keep the time needed for feedback requests and survey responses to no more than 15 minutes but may occasionally take longer and we will aim to give 1 week’s notice where we can. We will send clear instructions and you can contact us anytime if you need to.

Join the eargym community

Age related hearing loss is a huge problem affecting millions all over the world. As our community grows we aim to create forums where people can connect and get support in tackling this issue. Join us now and be part of our growing community.

Sign up

Complete the form below to sign up and become part of the offical eargym tester team.


GDPR and your data

We will keep the above information (email, name, age, gender, rough location and hearing level) on record so we can contact you about opportunities to review and feedback on our work. When we ask for feedback we will ask for more information about what you think about and will also keep that on record while we make improvements to our work. Once we launch our app we will also ask you to complete various hearing tests and complete hearing training exercises where we will track any changes in your hearing ability as well as how often you train and your performance at the training.

We will use this data for the following purposes only;

  • to design more effective training solutions and a better experience when using our products

  • to use your feedback quotes in our marketing as testimonials (anonymously)

  • we will never sell or share your data with 3rd parties for commercial gain

  • we may share your training/hearing profile with our academic partners for scientific research but we will keep it anonymous

You can contact us at anytime to ask what data we hold and to have that data deleted.

You can find out more about our policies on our privacy page which you can access below.

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