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Don't think you're affected by hearing loss? Think again.

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"Hearing loss affects much more than just your hearing."
Many people dismiss hearing loss… 

❌ It’s something that affects older people. 
❌ I don’t work in a noisy place so I’m OK. 
❌ My hearing seems OK to me. 

But the reality is that in the UK 
1 in 6 people of working age are affected by hearing loss and it affects much more than just our hearing.
 🧠 With links to dementia, mental health and your performance at work, the impact of hearing loss is greater than many realise and according to the World Health Organisation it’s only set to get worse. 
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17th November at 11am
An overview on hearing loss, prevention and how to live and work with it.
About this event 

👂 Our mission is to make better hearing accessible for all and it starts with awareness and a little education. Presented by eargym's co-founder, Andy Shanks, and audiologist, Madison Tutton, this webinar is an introduction to hearing health, why it matters and what you can do about it. 
Why attend? 

Once you understand the dangers of hearing loss, you can minimise its impact. 

This series of webinars is for everyone, but particularly if you’re an employer then you need to be aware of the impact of hearing loss and your legal obligations to protect your people under the Control of Noise at Work Regulations of 2005. 
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