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Wed 11th January

Why hearing health is the missing piece in your well-being strategy

Andy Shanks
Co-founder & Chief Product Officer of eargym
Lorraine Gailey.jpeg
Lorraine Gailey
Founding director of Hearing Partners
Madison Tutton.heic
Madison Tutton
Research and Clinical Audiologist at eargym
You’ll get the chance to have a free virtual hearing test, so don’t miss out.
Are you wondering how to stay innovative with your well-being strategy or what to include?

Is your employee benefits package outdated and you are losing recruitment opportunities to competitors with better benefits?

Are you wondering what your Duty of Care requirements are as an employer with the rise in headphone use for remote working?
11th January at 11am
Why Hearing Health is the Missing Piece in Your Well-Being Strategy
About this event 
Join Andy, co-founder of eargym; Madison Tutton, clinical and research audiologist; Lorraine Gailey, hearing health coach and a special guest HR advisor on our hearing health webinar.

Our mission is to make better hearing accessible to all, and it starts with awareness and a little education.

Why attend? 
👂Why hearing health is more important than you realise
🧑‍🤝‍🧑The impact of hearing loss on employers and employees
🚀How businesses can tackle this growing issue to their advantage

The impact of hearing loss is greater than many people realise - it affects 1 in 6 people of working age in the UK, and it affects much more than just your hearing.