Together, working with our partners in academia, charity, and industry, we’re creating enjoyable and immersive hearing training to enable you to keep hearing the sounds you love to hear.

Our Team

eargym was founded by Amanda Philpott and Andy Shanks. Between them, they have extensive experience working in multiple fields including the NHS, population health and care sector, business development, digital technology and production.

Amanda Philpott

Founder & CEO | Mission

Expertise: NHS Population Health (28yrs)

Ex-NHS Chief Exec 

Andy Shanks

Founder & CTO | Product

Expertise: Digital Products (15yrs)

Ex DJ | Founder 


Dr Lorenzo Picinali

Board Member | Audio Experience Design

Imperial College London 

Jesal Vishnuram

Board Member | Hearing & Audiology

Royal National Institute for the Deaf

Liz Archibald

Board Member | Decision Modelling

Decision Lab Co-Founder (retd.)

Prof. Maria Chait 

Advisor | Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience

UCL Ear Institute

Richard Blake

Specialist Advisor | Marketing

Bulldog, BBC, Guardian

Hannah Mathews

Board Member | Marketing

Karmarama, Accenture

Prof. Adrian C Davis OBE

Advisor | Population Hearing Health Expert

Ex-Public Health England

Prof. Mahmood F. Bhutta

Advisor | NHS Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeon

Consultant to World Health Organisation

Dr Devina Maru

Advisor | Research

 National Institute for Health Research


Clarice Ryan

Lead Cognitive Researcher

Jennifer Birtles

Communications Manager​


Max Georgiou

Business Analyst

With thanks to our contributors:

Screen Shot 2020-01-04 at 12.57.38.png

Morgan Crawford

Product Manager

Marcus  150x188.png

Marcus Ansley

Games Developer


Ian Jenkins

UX/UI Designer


Jake Fielding

Sound Designer

Leo  150x188.png

Leo Campos Barreto 

Games Designer

Our Partners

We are grateful for the ongoing advice and support of the following experts in the fields of hearing and audio.


eargym is a new tech startup that has been launched through's social mission led venture builder. Our primary mission is to build a business that improves the quality of life of 100 million older people. 


Special thanks

eargym's immersive stories were created by a fantastic team who very generously gave up their time, energy and professional expertise, skills and knowledge to help us.

We Sincerely Thank:

Sound studio and production: Tom Killian, Audible

Story selection and editing: Cate Crockford and Amanda Philpott

Director: Cate Crockford

Cast: Caitlin Innes Edwards, Jamie Foulkes, Jamie Savage, John Wilson, Sophie Couch


Busy Barista voice acting:

Bob Bryan, Ann Bryan, Adrian Butcher, Cate Crockford, Ellie Reidy, Chloe Parker, Pen Palmer, Will Gilchrist, Reece Crawford