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Our big mission

 to improve the world’s hearing and advance research aimed at reducing the incidence of dementia. 

Our hearing is an essential part of how we communicate and connect with others, and yet it’s much too common for us to neglect our hearing health. We are changing that.

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It's time to take hearing health more seriously

Not only is hearing loss impacting us earlier in life, but it’s correlated with a multitude of health conditions, including stress and depression. In fact, research shows that even mild hearing loss could double the risk of dementia.

On top of this, we typically neglect our hearing. Only 5% of us will check our hearing in any given year, while 50% of us have eyesight and dental check-ups.  This is where eargym comes in.


Introducing your new hearing health companion

No matter what your hearing ability is, we support your hearing health throughout life with care that’s tailored to your needs. Get immediate access to in-depth hearing assessments, support from healthcare professionals, and evidence-based training games to improve your hearing, all from your smartphone.

With our suite of research-backed checks and hearing training exercises, we are building a unique collection of data insights on hearing and cognitive health to improve quality of life for millions of people.

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Making better hearing accessible for everyone

"We need to expose the size and scale of the hearing crisis. We see too many people experiencing cognitive decline related to their reluctance to wear hearing aids. The undeniable correlation between hearing loss and social isolation, mild cognitive impairment, and dementia means we’re hugely motivated by combating these ills.”

Amanda Philpott

Co-founder & CEO

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Hearing improvement programmes

Our big mission is to improve the world’s hearing. To celebrate the launch of our new training programmes we are giving everyone the chance to check and train their hearing, completely free for a limited time only.


Complete your profile and set your hearing baseline


Train for 4 weeks with exercises personalised to your hearing


Take a progress check to see how much you have improved

Don’t miss out - let’s see how much you could improve.

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Becoming B Corp certified

In November 2023, eargym became a certified B Corp. B Corps are businesses verified by B Corp UK to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

We have been a mission-led business since day one and so applying for B Corp certification always felt like a natural step for us as a business. Becoming certified is really just the beginning; we have  a great foundation in place for our social and environmental responsibility that will continue to evolve as our business grows.

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