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eargym's founders

Our whole team is highly motivated to make a difference by improving the world’s hearing and helping people live well for longer.


Co-founders Amanda Philpott and Andy Shanks both live with hearing loss and have been affected by dementia. Between them, they have extensive senior leadership and operational experience working in multiple fields, including the NHS, population health and care sector, business development, and digital technology.

Amanda Philpott and Andy Shanks, co-founders at eargym - Credit Amy Mace 004.png

"I am an ex-NHS CEO and population health strategy specialist. I co-founded eargym with Andy because I have experienced first-hand the impact of unaddressed hearing loss in my family. My happy place is in the mountains, and hearing nature with greater clarity really matters to me."

Amanda Philpott

CEO & co-founder

“I am an ex-DJ, so when my friends and I started experiencing the early signs of hearing loss and I learnt about the correlation with dementia, I was frustrated that there was nothing available to help and so decided to do something about it.”

Andy Shanks

CPO & co-founder

Find out more and connect with Amanda Philpott and Andy Shanks

Meet the team

Julia - Light Blue.png

I am a life-long technologist who started as a software engineer in investment banking. I lead on commercialising eargym's range of digital hearing health products and services and leading on eargym's exciting AI growth plans.

Tim - Light Blue.png

Lead Researcher

I am inspired by eargym’s mission to improve the world’s hearing through immersive, fun and engaging games, whilst also actively contributing to research. In my spare time, I enjoy climbing, cycling and exploring the mountains of North Wales.

image (3).png

Dr Tim Green

Hearing Scientist

 I have more than 20 years experience of conducting research into understanding and dealing with the consequences of hearing impairment and am excited by eargym's potential to improve hearing health and to advance research.

Madison - Light Blue.png

Clinical & Research Audiologist

eargym provides the opportunity to enhance auditory rehabilitation for individuals with hearing loss while also contributing to a valuable area of research. Outside of work, I love to take my dog on nice country walks in the Yorkshire Dales.

Mark Crook-Rumsey - Light Blue.png

Cognitive Scientist

I am committed to extending the healthy lifespan and combating neurodegenerative diseases through innovative technologies. Leveraging my background in cognitive neuroscience I aim to help create ageless products that enhance lives.

Jen - Light Blue.png

Growth Marketing & Communications

I’m a big reader and love the power of storytelling in all its forms, both on and off screen. I really value working in a role where I create content that shares eargym’s story and mission with the world.

Jay - Light Blue.png

I’m motivated by the challenge to bring hearing training games to the masses with fun and engaging design that’s focused on immersive audio. To unwind, I play a range of computer games and like to go bouldering.

Charlotte - Light Blue.png

Having close relatives affected by dementia, I admire eargym's mission and I look forward to contributing to eargym’s work during my industrial placement. Outside of university, I enjoy anything creative, travelling, and skiing.

Alicia - Light Blue.png

Inspired by a friend’s experience with hearing loss, I am committed to making more people aware of the significant benefits eargym offers. Beyond my studies, you will either find me on the netball pitch or promoting environmental sustainability.

Vova - Blue

I love my job as a developer and having the opportunity to create apps that can help improve lives for the better; eargym is my favourite project that I’ve worked on. In my free time I play the guitar, play sports, and spend a lot of time outdoors.

Maks - Blue

I work to build the eargym app with Perpetio and the product team. Outside of work, I like to play volleyball and the guitar and enjoy listening to music.

Our advisors

We work with a board of world-class advisors across hearing, cognition, population health, game design and data analysis to discover just how beneficial hearing training can be at helping people live well for longer.

Board Advisors
WillemPortrait 1.png

Game Design

Indie Game Academy, Together Labs

Liz Archibald.png

Decision Modelling

Decision Lab Co-founder (retd.)

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