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  • What is eargym?
    eargym is the unique hearing health app that offers fun and immersive training games to help strengthen your hearing skills and train your brain to hear better. eargym’s games use immersive audio to create a life-like listening experience. The eargym app is available to download on both iOS and Android.
  • What is hearing training and how does it work?
    Most of our hearing actually happens in the brain; it’s the ears that are responsible for picking up sounds while it’s the brain’s responsibility to turn them into meaningful sounds. You can think of it like this - ears are our hearing hardware and over time it’s natural for them to lose efficiency through wear and tear. The rest of our auditory system - the brain - is the software and can be updated and improved. eargym’s interactive and immersive games challenge your hearing skills and help improve your ability to interpret the sounds around you.
  • How does eargym help my hearing?
    Most of our hearing actually happens in the brain; our ears are responsible for picking up sound waves while it’s the brain that turns them into meaningful sounds. Our training games use immersive audio to create realistic listening experiences that simulate real life. Recent studies suggest that regular practise and stimulation may help our brain become more efficient at processing sounds.
  • Can I use eargym even if I don’t have hearing loss?
    Yes. Whether or not you have hearing loss, eargym’s hearing training games can help strengthen your hearing skills. Regularly checking your hearing can help you spot and address any issues as early as possible.
  • Can I use eargym if I wear hearing aids?
    Yes. If your hearing aids are Bluetooth compatible and can act as headphones themselves then we recommend that you wear them to complete training. If not, we recommend taking your hearing aids out and using headphones to complete training. Find out more about wearing headphones with hearing aids here.
  • Is eargym free to use?
    You can download eargym to try limited Premium for free. After that, access to eargym’s training and tracking features costs £3.99 / month or £39.99 / year.
  • Is eargym available on my device?
    eargym is compatible with iOS devices that run iOS 12.1 or later and Android devices running Android 10 and above.
  • What happens to my data and how will it be used?
    eargym collects and stores data from the surveys and games you play. All are stored securely and anonymised in line with EU regulations. The data we collect is only analysed in-house to help create the best version of eargym and contribute to critical research about the correlation between hearing loss, social isolation, mild cognitive impairment, and dementia. See our Privacy Policy for more information on your rights around your data.
  • My question hasn’t been answered, how do I get in touch?
    If you have a query that hasn’t been answered, you can try using the eargym support assistant below or get in touch with the team at We will get back to you very soon.
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