How old are your ears?

Test your hearing age now

To take our free online hearing test and find out your hearing age in just 60 seconds:

1. Get settled in a quiet room with no distractions. Set your device volume to 50%.
2. Press play on the hearing age test video below. You’ll hear a tone play.
3. Pause the video once you can no longer hear the tone - this will tell you your ear age.

The older your hearing age, the more likely you are to be experiencing at least some degree of hearing loss.

What does my hearing age mean?

  • Your hearing age is younger than you: 
    Your hearing health looks like it’s better than average for your age.  

  • Your hearing age is the same as your actual age:
    Your hearing health looks like it’s normal for your age.


  • Your hearing age is older than you are: 
    Your hearing health looks like it’s not as good as it could be for someone of your age. It’ll be worth taking a more detailed test, and now is the time to really start looking after your hearing.

Our hearing health really impacts on our quality of life and social relationships. It is also strongly linked to cognitive health and well-being. eargym is a hearing fitness app designed to train your key hearing skills and keep you loving your hearing for longer.

So now you've found out how old your ears are...

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Our user testing shows an average improvement of 14% in 71% of individuals in just 4 weeks. Can you beat that?

Just like physical fitness, there are steps you can take to improve your hearing health, too.
This means that the results from our hearing age test can be easily improved. Take the

eargym four-week challenge and try our selection of games to improve your ear age.