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How old are your ears?

Take our free online hearing test and discover your hearing age in just 60 seconds.

Keep your hearing and protect your ears

Whether you’re regularly attending gigs, out clubbing with friends, or surrounded by loud noises on your commute or at work, you need to protect your ears from noise.

Noise levels that reach 100dB or more put your hearing at risk after just 15 minutes of exposure.

Wearing good hearing protection can increase the safe listening time and minimise the risk of damage. No matter how old you are, it's important to protect your hearing from noise to keep enjoying the wonderful sounds around us throughout life.

Protect your ears to keep hearing your best with specialist hearing products. 

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Was your hearing age higher than you expected?

Don’t worry. eargym was created to test and strengthen your hearing. With noticeable benefits in as little as 4 weeks, download eargym today and start your free trial.

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Regular health checks are hugely important for everyone, no matter your age.

​They give us a better understanding of our hearing health and well-being to help us look after it.

Improve your hearing skills with eargym

Get unlimited lifetime access to hearing training for just £9.99 now

Noticeable benefits reported by eargym testers in just 4 weeks
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Improved hearing test results by an average of 14%
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Noticed an improvement in locating sounds
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Noticed an improvement paying attention
It IS possible to improve your hearing skills
Download the app now and
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