What is your ear age?

Yes, your ears age just like you do, and with age they can start to lose the full range of frequencies they used to have when you were younger. This means that as we grow older we often miss out on the higher pitched sounds. Find out your ear age below.

To test your ear age put on your headphones, play the video below and pause at the point where you can no longer hear the tone. Then simply enter your frequency to calculate your ear age. Check underneath to see what your result means and how monitoring, protecting and training your hearing can prevent further decline.


Ear Age:

What does this mean?

  • Your hearing age is younger than you: 
    Congratulations, your ears have good frequency range. Training your other hearing skills can ensure your ears stay young and reduce your risk of cognitive decline in later life.

  • Your hearing age is the same as your actual age:
    Good news, your hearing appears normal for your age. Regular hearing checks and auditory training will help keep your hearing skills strong and your brain engaged.

  • Your hearing age is older than you are: 
    Your ears may have been exposed to more than their fair share of loud sounds in the past. Check your hearing regularly, take steps to protect your ears and start training now to reduce further decline. Consider also seeing a professional such as a high street audiologist.

Did you know you can train your hearing skills?

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