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How old are your ears?

Take our free online hearing test and discover your hearing age in just 60 seconds.

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How to take the ear age test

It's natural that as we age and are exposed to loud sounds our hearing can decline, and when this happens it's usually the high frequencies are the first to go. This check finds the highest frequency you can hear to give you an estimate of your hearing age.


  1. Get settled in a quiet spot with no distractions and set your device volume to 50%.

  2. Press play on hearing age test video - you’ll hear a tone play.

  3. Pause the video once you can no longer hear the tone - this will tell you your ear age.

Download the app now and start your free trial
Was your hearing age less than you expected?

Don’t worry. eargym was created to test and strengthen your hearing. With noticeable benefits in as little as 4 weeks, download eargym today and start your free trial.

Regular health checks are hugely important for everyone, no matter your age.

​They give us a better understanding of our hearing health and well-being to help us look after it.

Lubbens social well-being
Using the Lubbens Social Network Scale, this checks your current level of social engagement, helping to understand more about the link between hearing loss and social isolation.
Amsterdam Inventory
This series of questions assess your degree of auditory disability in five key hearing skills: detection, localisation, discrimination, and intelligibility in silence and in noise.
Well-being check by ONS
Designed by the Office for National Statistics, this quick set of questions checks how satisfied you are with your general well-being and helps you track changes over time.
Did you know we have more tests in our app?

Live well for longer

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Noticeable benefits reported by eargym testers in just 4 weeks
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Improved hearing test results by an average of 14%
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Noticed an improvement in locating sounds
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Noticed an improvement paying attention
It IS possible to improve your hearing skills
Download the app now and
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