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Hearing loss costs the UK £25bn in lost productivity and early retirement every year.

eargym is the exciting new health benefit helping companies improve employee well-being, increase productivity and save money.

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Hearing loss in the workplace is a major mental health challenge

Hearing health is more serious than most people think. In recent years hearing loss has been firmly correlated with social isolation, mild cognitive impairment, and dementia. 1 in 6 people in the UK suffer with disabling hearing loss at work, that's 7 million employees.

When employees suffer hearing loss it has a knock-on effect on their mental health. They struggle to engage in meetings. Their confidence suffers. Their powers of attention wane, and the hearing loss becomes an acute source of work-related stress.

As employees age and their hearing capacity declines they are at higher risk of suffering these issues. So too are employees with noise-induced hearing loss who have spent many years in louder working environments or have mis-used headphones.

If you're looking for health and well-being activities and perks for your IT, engineering, or
manufacturing company (or even any other industry),
eargym could be the perfect solution.
Providing workplace hearing tests, training and advice can give your team a great boost to
their physical and mental well-being, as well as to productivity and profitability.

Hearing is the neglected sense


of people in the UK have
never had a hearing test. 

Did you know you can improve your hearing skills through practise?

On average, eargym testers see a
14% hearing improvement in just 4 weeks, and report better attention skills.

Empower your team to boost their long-term well-being and live well for longer with eargym – the digital hearing fitness platform.

Unlimited hearing & cognitive health checks

Personal advice & well-being education

Fun, short, immersive, hearing training games


Sensory listening for focus and relaxation

Hear the difference in your workplace

Improve work performance 

eargym is designed to improve listening and attention – very important traits for customer and team interaction.

Manage the risks

Hearing insurance, always offer the right protection; remove the risk of employees feeling they weren’t offered adequate advice.

Higher staff retention

56% of people with hearing loss retire 7-9 years early as a result. Raise awareness of the importance of hearing health and be more inclusive.

Improve long-term well-being

Hearing loss is the biggest amenable  factor in dementia*. Help your employees maintain their long-term mental health and well-being.

Join us in pioneering better hearing health at work

We're about to launch 4 intensive iterations of product development and are looking to partner with our first customers to customise our offering to their needs and address this neglected sense in the workplace.

Meet our co-founder to learn more

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Andy Shanks

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer


“It has had a direct impact on both my work & personal life where I find my ability to single out sounds around me much easier.”


Cate, age 52

“These exercises bring home how useful and important our hearing is. Everyone should do them.”


James, age 65

“eargym's games have helped me massively focus on listening. It has changed the way I view my hearing and I'm a much better listener now.”

Charlotte, age 35