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Together we can improve hearing health
We’re on a mission to make better hearing accessible to everyone with free and unlimited access to hearing testing and advice.

With eargym, any organisation can offer hearing health as part of their employee benefits package or population health initiatives, at no cost to you or the individual.


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  • Hearing testing and personalised advice

  • Educational resources and webinars

  • A 2-week hearing training trial for everyone

  • Hearing health summary & impact report

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Why address hearing loss?

Linked to dementia

Hearing loss is correlated with social isolation, mild cognitive impairment, and dementia.



79% of Britons have never had a hearing test vs. 13% never having had a sight test.

Young & 

old at risk

50% of under 35s at risk of avoidable hearing loss listening to headphones too loud.

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Attract and retain the right people

Creating a more inclusive workplace where the health and well-being of your team are paramount is not only a commercially viable thing to do, but it can help you stand out in the employment marketplace.

Boost employee well-being

Hearing loss is a major mental health challenge in the workplace. When employees suffer hearing loss it has lots of knock-on effects which include difficulty engaging in meetings, their ability to focus waning, and the hearing loss becomes an acute source of work-related stress.

For more advice, watch our hearing health tips playlist here
Expert insight
How to tackle the growing problem of hearing loss in the workplace??

Not all noisy workplaces look the same. With the rise in headphone usage, many traditionally “quiet” workplaces are now potentially putting the hearing of their people at risk.


This report, created by some of the leading HR and hearing experts in the UK, outlines the problem and why something needs to be done about it.


Nigel Moore, CFO of SPF, London Financial Provider

“We were one of the first companies to pilot eargym and it went down really well with the team. I actually invested as I think there’s real potential to have a positive impact on people’s long-term well-being as well as benefits in the workplace”.

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Why hearing health should be part of your innovative well-being strategy?

Hearing health is something that’s not traditionally considered in the workplace as it’s perceived to be an older person problem, but the research tells us that 1 in 6 people of working age are affected by hearing loss.

With links to dementia, mental health and performance at work, the impact of unaddressed hearing loss is greater than many realise, and according to the World Health Organisation it’s only set to get worse.

Webinar speakers
Andy Shanks
Co-founder & Chief Product Officer of eargym
Madison Tutton.heic
Madison Tutton
Research and Clinical NHS Audiologist at eargym
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