Hearing health hub

Welcome to eargym's hearing hub

We're here to help you look after your ears, and improve your hearing. 


Look through our hearing health hub for information and guidance on how to support your auditory well-being.


1. Hearing 101

  • How do we hear?

  • What can we hear?

  • Hearing tests

  • Hearing aids

  • Hearing and age

5. Who's at risk from hearing problems?

  • Hearing loss in the military

  • Industrial hearing loss

2. Hearing loss help 

  • Introduction to hearing loss

  • Causes of hearing loss 

  • Hearing loss comorbidities

  • Impacts of hearing loss

6. Hearing loss from music exposure

  • Loud music and hearing loss

  • Tips on how to listen to music safely

4. Common hearing problems 

  • Hearing like underwater

  • Hearing heartbeat

  • Hearing buzzing

  • Hearing blood flow

  • Ringing in ears 

  • Muffled hearing 

  • Hearing white noise

7. Protecting hearing

  • How to protect your hearing 

  • Good ear care

  • Safe listening tips 

This hearing hub is intended to be purely informational. If you have any kinds of concerns about your hearing, we recommend speaking to a doctor or audiologist.