Our mission

To improve hearing health worldwide

and contribute to critical research about how hearing and dementia are linked improving the quality of life of millions.

eargym has been founded by an experienced and credible team and is supported by a board of world-class advisors

Hearing loss is the next big health crisis


adults already live with disabling hearing loss worldwide


Source: WHO*


young people are at risk of noise-induced hearing loss


Source: WHO*

1 in 3 

have hearing loss by age 65, increasing to nearly 1 in 2 by age 75


Source: RNID*

The effects of hearing loss are more serious than you think

Evidence indicates that hearing loss and cognitive decline are linked.

No one knows why. We're helping find out.

Based on combined results from multiple studies carried out by the Lancet Commission, evidence shows that hearing loss is correlated with cognitive decline and dementia. In fact, there is strong evidence to show that:


Mild hearing loss doubles the risk of developing dementia


Moderate hearing loss triples the risk of developing dementia


Severe hearing loss increases the risk up to five times

We can’t reverse hearing loss but research shows that hearing training can improve hearing ability up to 25% by helping our brains adapt to changes in our hearing. eargym is working with world-leading experts in hearing and cognition to discover just how beneficial hearing training can be. Learning together, we aim to discover how training hearing skills can improve our quality of life, and fully understand the correlation between hearing and cognitive health.

How you can help

By using our app and regularly testing and training your hearing skills your anonymous data will be used to advance this hugely important area of science.

Our user testing shows an average improvement of 14% in 71% of individuals in just 4 weeks. Can you beat that?

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Contributing to science


Jesal Vishnuram

Head of assistive technology at RNID

“Here at RNID we share similar values to eargym, to help people learn more about their hearing health and improve their hearing ability. eargym offers a quick and simple way to learn more about your personal hearing ability and what you can do about it right now.”