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Our Mission

To improve the world’s hearing and reduce the incidence of dementia

What we do

eargym is your hearing health companion. No matter what your hearing ability is, we’re here to support you every step of the way with unlimited hearing checks, training exercises, and personalised advice.

Why we do it

Research shows that mild hearing loss can increase social isolation and double your risk of dementia. Globally, there are already 1.5 billion people impacted by hearing loss and another 1.1 billion young adults at risk due to noise exposure. It’s time to take hearing health more seriously.

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Download eargym today to contribute

“We need to expose the size and scale of the hearing crisis. We see too many people experiencing cognitive decline related to their reluctance to wear hearing aids. The undeniable correlation between hearing loss and social isolation, mild cognitive impairment, and dementia means we’re hugely motivated by combating these ills.”

Amanda Philpott, eargym CEO

Amanda Philpott


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The Impact

eargym’s hearing care is easy to use and it works. Our app is led by research, informed by user feedback, and built around the 3 core pillars of hearing health: Check, Protect, and Train.  We work to have a big impact on the lives of real people in 3 key ways:

eargym research data

Advance research with data

The more we understand about the link between hearing and cognition, the bigger the impact we can have. Contributing anonymised user data can help advance hearing and cognition research.

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Help to manage symptoms

We work with Alzheimer’s Society to understand the impact of good hearing care throughout life and how it can improve the quality of life for people impacted by dementia.

eargym mission - improve early diagnosis rates

Improve early diagnosis rates

Our goal is to make hearing, cognition and well-being checks easy to access on your smartphone so that people can be signposted to the right help and address any issues as early as possible.

Want to know more about research? Click here

Research is at our core

We are always working to understand more about how we can address hearing loss to positively impact the incidence of dementia, improve social inclusion and boost emotional well-being,


That’s why we work in partnership with Alzheimer’s Society, UK Research and Innovation, and a board of world-class advisors across hearing, cognition and data analysis.

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