Our global mission is to develop thoroughly enjoyable, immersive auditory training which can address the effects of age and noise-related hearing loss on our social interactions and cognitive decline

Tackling a huge global problem


People around the world experience some kind of hearing loss


Young people aged 35 and under are at risk of noise-induced hearing loss


People already live with disabling hearing loss worldwide

1 in 3

People aged 65 and over experience age-related hearing loss

Hearing loss is more serious than you think

Based on combined results from multiple studies carried out by the Lancet Commission, evidence shows that midlife hearing loss is the most influential, and potentially preventable risk factor for dementia, in comparison to numerous other lifestyle factors. In fact, eliminating midlife hearing loss could result in a 9% reduction of new dementia cases.

It's a vast problem, and it's growing


The World Health Organisation predicts that the number of people with disabling hearing loss is set to nearly double in the next 30 years, reaching over 700 million. But it’s not just affecting older people...


Age is just a number

Hearing loss doesn’t just affect older generations. Many of our day-to-day habits, including audio listening and noisy work environments, impact our hearing. Keep your ears young by taking steps to protect and train your hearing.

Keep your listening safe

The rise of headphone use is putting young people's hearing at risk too. Our goal is to help protect and train hearing to preserve quality of life and keep us all loving our hearing for longer.

Your contribution to research on hearing and cognition

We will use eargym data to contribute to the fantastic work of the charitable, academic and clinical communities to reduce not just the personal effects of age-related hearing loss, but also to help combat the social, health and economic risks too.

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One of the first signs of age and noise-related hearing loss is finding it harder to hear what people say in busy places like cafes and bars.

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By joining eargym and training your hearing, your anonymous data will help contribute to the work we’re doing with our academic partners. Furthering our development of effective hearing training to help us reach our goal and improve lives all over the world.


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At eargym, we take an innovative approach to hearing health. Our auditory training games have been carefully designed to improve the key hearing skills crucial to our overall well-being, social connections, and long-term cognitive health.

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79% of eargym testers noticed an improvement in their hearing experience after 4 weeks of training.

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