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Our mission
To improve hearing health worldwide and help people live well for longer
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Global challenge

Hearing health is a huge emerging challenge. Globally, 433 million adults already live with disabling levels of hearing loss and a further 1.1 billion young people are at risk from noise exposure. These numbers are projected to grow 63% by 2050 - it’s time to take hearing health more seriously.

Live well for longer

Looking after our hearing health is great for long-term well-being. Our mission is to help people live well for longer by discovering how we can address hearing loss to positively impact the incidence of dementia, improve social inclusion and boost emotional well-being.

Hearing training

Research shows that hearing training can boost our hearing ability by helping our brains to adapt to changes in our hearing. eargym gives you the tools to proactively look after your own hearing health, check your well-being, and reduce the impact of hearing loss on your quality of life.

Well-being impact

By using our app and regularly testing and training your hearing skills you can have a positive impact on improving people’s well-being and quality of life. We contribute anonymised data to advance this hugely important area of science about how hearing and dementia are linked and how we can tackle it.

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The Better Hearing Blueprint

Improving hearing health starts with awareness and understanding. To help us achieve our mission, we’ve developed the Better Hearing Blueprint.

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Many are just simply not aware of the importance or prevalence of hearing loss. Raising awareness is our first priority.
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Once you are aware of the issue, then through education, best practice and understanding, it’s possible to protect your hearing.
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Understanding where your hearing is right now is important. It allows you to set a benchmark and measure improvement.
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Our immersive games are designed to help you strengthen your hearing in an enjoyable and fun way.
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Join us
Improve your hearing fitness and live well for longer.
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Amanda Philpott


We need to expose the size and scale of the hearing crisis. I see too many of my my own family and friends experiencing cognitive decline related to their reluctance to wear hearing aids. The undeniable correlation between hearing loss and social isolation, mild cognitive impairment, and dementia means I'm hugely motivated by the possibility of combating these ills.”

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