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The Sound of Silence: A Guide to Hearing Protection at Live Events


This content has been produced with our partners at ACS Custom

Whether you’re rocking out at a concert, cheering at a sports event, or dancing the night away at a club, there’s no denying the electrifying energy of live events. However, amid the cheers and music, there’s a silent danger that often goes unnoticed: the risk of hearing loss.

The deafening decibels of live entertainment

Live events are notorious for being very loud. The World Health Organisation recommends that exposure to noise levels above 85 decibels (dB) for long periods of time can lead to hearing damage. Many concerts and events exceed this threshold, with some gigs and nightclubs reaching sound levels in the region of 97 dB and 100 dB, which gives you, would you believe, a safe exposure time between 30 and 15 minutes. 

The impact of hearing damage

1. The unseen consequence


Hearing damage is often a gradual process, and the impact can go unnoticed until it’s too late. Constant exposure to loud music and cheering crowds can lead to irreversible damage over time.


Prevention tip: Use ACS Custom earplugs to protect your ears from harmful decibels, even if the impact isn’t immediately apparent.


2. The clarity conundrum

Traditional foam earplugs may reduce noise, but they often sacrifice the clarity and quality of sound. The nuances of the music can get lost and it affects your overall experience.

Prevention tip: Opt for ACS Custom earplugs that provide a perfect fit, preserving sound clarity while offering effective protection.

ACS Custom earplugs: Your silent guardians

Enter ACS Custom earplugs, your silent and discreet guardians in the midst of the auditory storm. These custom-moulded earplugs are crafted with precision to provide not only effective noise reduction but also a comfortable and personalised fit.


Why ACS Custom earplugs?


  • Perfect fit: custom-moulded to the unique shape of your ears, ensuring a snug fit for maximum comfort and guaranteed protection every time.

  • Preserving clarity: unlike traditional foam earplugs that muffle sound, ACS Custom earplugs maintain the richness and clarity of the music with their unique attenuating filters, allowing you to enjoy the event without compromising on quality.

  • Long-term investment: reusable and durable, ACS Custom earplugs are a long-term investment in your auditory health, providing reliable protection for years.

eargym: Elevate your hearing experience

eargym is an award-winning hearing care platform designed to test, train, and improve your hearing. Whether you’ve been to one too many concerts or work in a noisy environment, eargym is your companion in maintaining and enhancing your hearing health.


How it works:


  • Testing: understand your current hearing ability with a suite of research-backed checks.

  • Training: challenge yourself with immersive hearing training games designed to improve your auditory skills.

  • Progress tracking: monitor your progress as you train with the potential to improve your hearing by up to 20% in as little as 7 weeks.

Special offer for our community

As a valued member of the eargym community, you can get 10% off ACS Custom protection when you join eargym Premium - starting from just £3.99 a month. Download now and join eargym Premium to get your special ACS discount sent straight to your inbox.


Don’t let the sound of silence be a consequence of hearing loss. With ACS Custom earplugs and eargym, you can savour the magic of live events while safeguarding your precious sense of hearing. Invest in your auditory well-being today.


Remember: The true magic of music lies in the ability to hear it clearly, so protect your ears to keep listening for life.

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