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  • Jennifer Birtles

How to train your ears to hear better

All of us could benefit from better hearing care. When was the last time you found yourself asking someone to repeat themselves multiple times? Or has it become so often that you and your loved ones don’t even notice it anymore?

In our busy lives, regular trips to the audiologist for a little bit of hearing difficulty can feel unnecessary, meaning we’re often left to watch our hearing slowly decline over the years.

However, good hearing doesn’t have to be hard. You could be improving your hearing skills, all from your smartphone with a pair of headphones. But how? How to train your ears to hear better with an app? We'll tell you...

Very important disclaimer: this information is designed for people looking to improve their hearing skills and protect their hearing health with good practices throughout life. If you are experiencing significant or sudden hearing loss, please speak to a medical professional.

Can you train your ears to hear better?

The first thing to clear up is yes - you definitely can train your ears to hear better. With small amounts of consistent effort, you can boost your hearing skills in as little as four weeks. Before long, you’ll begin to notice the difference - whether that’s improved attention, better performance at work, or enhanced social interactions.

So... here's how to train your ears to hear better:

Use our app!

eargym’s immersive auditory training involves completing fun, expert-designed exercises designed to target specific aspects of hearing - including pitch recognition and auditory localisation (working out where sounds are coming from).

The eargym app allows us to complete auditory training from the comfort of our own homes with just a smartphone and a pair of headphones. This means we really have no excuses when it comes to improving our hearing health.