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Love Your Hearing Gift Guide

Whether you're looking to treat yourself or buy a gift for a loved one, our gift guide is the perfect way to find a bit of inspiration for all the audio loves in your life.

We scoured the internet to find a great selection of unique and thoughtful gifts and stocking fillers for everyone and every budget.

Disclaimer: we are not sponsored by any of these brands - this list reflects our personal choices.

Love your hearing

Decibels (dB) are a unit of measurement of how loud a sound is. Ear plugs are designed to reduce the noise level by a certain amount of decibels, protecting your ears from loud sounds. A protection of 7-25dB means you can reduce the noise levels by that amount. For example, if an ear plug says it has a 16dB protection, it means it reduces the loudness of the environment by 16dB. For reference, sound doubles in intensity every 3db, so a decrease of 16dB is significant.