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Why hearing care is the missing piece in your employee well-being strategy

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In recent years employee well-being has been a particularly hot topic as employers realise its impact on productivity and overall business success. One crucial aspect of employee well-being that is often overlooked is hearing health. In the workplace hearing loss disables 1 in 6 people of working age, and employees with hearing loss often retire 7-9 years earlier. This can result in large costs to businesses, who aren’t aware that hearing loss is the cause or how easy hearing care can be provided for their employees.

The key to success in all workplaces is effective communication. Strong connections, efficient teamwork, and first-rate customer service are all products of the essential skill of listening.

When employees experience hearing loss, it can lead to miscommunication, frustration, and isolation. Most employee benefits plans cover dental and eye care, so why not include hearing care too?

Workplace hearing health

The World Health Organisation estimates that 16% of hearing loss in adults results from exposure to excessive noise levels in the workplace. (Source) Whilst some occupations are naturally noisy, such as manufacturing or construction, today's working world has given rise to new noise-related risks. The growth of remote working has resulted in widespread headphone use, which at high volumes has the potential to permanently damage your hearing.

With 50% of young adults now at risk of avoidable hearing loss from noise exposure and unaddressed hearing loss linked to a 30-40% faster cognitive decline, it is a crucial time for employers to be educating their workers on good hearing health practices.

Business benefits of addressing hearing health

  • Talent attraction and retention- Developing an inclusive workplace that promotes employee well-being will help attract and retain top employees in a competitive job market.

  • Increased productivity- Addressing hearing allows your employees to engage effectively in meetings and increase their ability to focus on tasks. It could also decrease the number of staff taking sick leave, and could even reduce early retirement, resulting in lower costs.

  • Boost employee well-being- By preventing the stress, anxiety, and fatigue associated with hearing loss, a comprehensive hearing care programme can significantly increase employee well-being.

How we can support your employees

To help employers take advantage of these benefits, eargym has introduced a new employee benefit to the market, offering hearing care plans for businesses. This allows organisations to empower their people with life-long hearing care at a low cost.

Our plans include employee access to:

  • Expert helpline, along with educational material, webinars, and an AI chatbot

  • The eargym app for in-depth hearing assessments and advice

  • Unlimited access to evidence-backed hearing training games

  • Partner perks discounts

  • Ear care vouchers

An eargym hearing care plan is customised to your business, with a simple set-up process and competitive pricing.

To get a free company assessment and customised recommendations for your team:


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