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Could you reduce
your risk of


It might be easier than you think. Addressing hearing loss could have the biggest impact on reducing your risk.

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Hearing & dementia:
What's the link?

Hearing loss is correlated with social isolation, mild cognitive impairment, and dementia. In fact, research suggests that hearing loss is the biggest potentially modifiable risk factor for dementia. This is huge.


But here’s the exciting part: by taking care of our hearing health we could help to look after our long-term well-being and potentially reduce the risk of dementia.


No two people have the same hearing needs. eargym provides personalised hearing care built by healthcare professionals to provide you with the support you need throughout life.

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Why should you protect your ears?

Did you know that noise is the second biggest cause of hearing loss and yet it’s largely preventable through safe listening measures?


It’s hard to tell how loud the sounds around us actually are. That’s why it’s important to make sure we are always listening safely and wear hearing protection in the right situations. It’s normal for our hearing to change throughout our lives, but regularly checking and monitoring our hearing is a key part of protecting it. It helps us spot any concerns as early as possible and seek the right help.

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Can brain training reduce the risk of dementia?

We’re here to find out. Most of our hearing actually happens in the brain. It’s our ears that pick up sound waves whilst the brain turns them into meaningful sounds. When we experience hearing loss it can make it much more challenging to understand the sounds going on around us. This is where auditory training comes in - recent studies have shown that regularly stimulating our hearing skills can help strengthen them to become more efficient at processing sounds.

eargym’s training challenges your core hearing and cognitive skills, including speech intelligibility, auditory processing, selective attention, and working memory.

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You can make a difference

The more we understand about the link between hearing and brain health, the bigger the impact we can have. Every time you use eargym, you’re not only looking after your hearing health but you also contribute to scientific research on dementia.


We partner with world-renowned organisations advisors across hearing, cognition and data analysis to progress research into this important area of science.

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Ready to hear better?

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Available on iOS and Android

Disclaimer: this is not medical advice and eargym is not a medical device. All claims have been based on credible research published in medical journals, including the 2020 Lancet Commission on Dementia.

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