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Discover your hearing health with eargym

Discover your 5 key hearing skills and how each one can have an effect on your day-to-day hearing experience.

There are 5 key hearing skills recognised by the World Health Organisation: detection, localisation, discrimination, intelligibility in silence; and intelligibility in noise.

Together, these skills make up our hearing profile and are responsible for how we hear day-to-day. Depending on which skills you’re strongest and weakest in will affect the auditory challenges you face in everyday life.

Find out more about your key hearing skills and what they mean here.

eargym is a mission-led startup born out of a passion to improve global hearing health. By utilising the latest scientific research and technology we’re developing immersive auditory training exercises for smartphones.

Although we can’t cure hearing loss, we can improve the brain’s ability to cope with challenging auditory environments. An easy way to think of this is that auditory training is just like getting a system upgrade. Our ears are our hearing hardware and over time lose efficiency while the rest of our auditory system, the brain, is the software. You can’t change your hardware but auditory training exercises can stimulate your brain and improve its ability to handle various hearing challenges.

Join eargym on our mission to discover how beneficial auditory training may be on millions of lives. Take control of your hearing health and start training your hearing skills today. Let’s help the world love their hearing for longer.

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