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Our advisors

We’re working with a board of world-class advisors across hearing, cognition, population health, game design, and research and data analysis to discover just how beneficial hearing training can be at helping people live well for longer.

Board & advisors
Dr Lorenzo Picinali .jpg
Maria Chait.jpg

Auditory Cognitive Neuroscientist


GP Registrar

National Institute of Health Research

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Speech, Hearing & Phonetic Sciences  Psychology and Language Sciences 

University College London


Public Health Scientist: Formerly Population Health Science Director

Ex-Public Health England

1542724911640 1.png

Health Psychology Associate Professor

University of Bath

Hannah Mathews.jpeg

Chief Brand Officer

ScienceMagic Inc

Lorraine Gailey.jpeg

Founding Director

Hearing Partners

WillemPortrait 1.png

Game Design

Indie Game Academy, Together Labs

Liz Archibald.png

Decision Modelling

Decision Lab Co-Founder (retd.)

Our partners

eargym is working with wonderful partners in academia, charity, and industry to create enjoyable and immersive hearing training games designed to strengthen hearing fitness and keep you hearing the sounds you love to hear.

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