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The hearing training platform

Improve your hearing skills with eargym

Hearing loss isn't just for older people.

From understanding your hearing age, to strengthening your hearing skills with immersive games - eargym is on a mission to make better hearing accessible for all.

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Meet eargym

If you're finding it harder to hear in loud spaces, harder to concentrate at work, or if you already have hearing loss, eargym was designed for you.

Start improving your hearing skills today.


Check your hearing and train your brain to hear better with fun and immersive training games.

How can eargym help you?
Ear age icon.png
I want to check my hearing
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I notice I can’t hear as well in busy places
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Hearing is essential to my work - I want to improve it
There’s lots you can do to look after your hearing health
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I have diagnosed hearing loss - I want to do something about it
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I have a hearing aid and want to improve my hearing
What is hearing health?

Most of our hearing actually happens in the brain - this is where we process auditory information to make sense of the sounds we hear.


Our hearing health relates to how well our brain can understand and interpret meaning from sounds in challenging listening environments. Practising our hearing skills can help us improve our hearing fitness and become better listeners.

The better your hearing, the better your health

Most people are unaware that hearing loss is correlated with social isolation, mild cognitive impairment, and even dementia.

Practising your hearing skills could help you improve work performance, reduce your cognitive load, meaning your brain doesn’t have to work so hard to hear, and keep you connected to the world around you.

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eargym can help your business

Whether it’s focusing on challenging tasks at work or socialising on a team day out, hearing is a vital sense that helps make sure we’re always performing at our best. eargym is helping companies bring better hearing health care to the workplace to boost employee well-being, increase productivity, and stand out in recruitment.


What eargym users say...

"eargym's games have helped me massively focus on listening. It has changed the way I view my hearing and I'm a much better listener now."
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Improve your hearing fitness and live well for longer.

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