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Improve your hearing skills with our immersive and entertaining hearing training designed to reduce the effects of age and noise-related hearing loss

Our selection of auditory training games are designed to stimulate your ears as well as the parts of the brain responsible for hearing.

Hearing loss naturally occurs in most of us as we age with our ears gradually becoming less efficient. Our brain can struggle to adapt to this change and has to work harder to process and discern noises.  

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Through hearing training exercises, we can stimulate our brains and improve our ability to make sense of the sounds we hear, ultimately enhancing our long-term wellbeing and cognitive health.   

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hearing health

Test your hearing anytime, anywhere with our convenient at home testing. Monitor changes to your hearing, and receive personalised advice.


79% of eargym testers noticed an improvement in their hearing experience after 4 weeks of training.

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Receive a customised training program featuring entertaining and immersive auditory games designed to challenge and improve your hearing skills.


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Track and share your progress as you train with eargym, beat your personal records, and earn rewards for reaching milestones and achieving your goals.

Find support

You are not alone: hearing loss is common and currently affects 2.5 billion people worldwide. Join the eargym community to share support and find comfort among others experiencing hearing loss.

The benefits of maintaining your hearing

Minimise risk of social isolation from age-related hearing loss

Decrease your risk of cognitive decline

Reduce your risk of developing dementia

eargym are proud to partner with a range of experts in academia, charity, and industry, as we embark on our mission to reduce the effects of age and noise-related hearing loss on our social interactions and cognitive decline.


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