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Hearing is an essential part of how we communicate and connect with others. Get your personalised hearing care programme now.


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eargym helps you overcome everyday challenges

Do you struggle to hear in busy places? Or find conversations tiring? eargym can help. 


Strengthening core auditory processing skills with training can help to reduce listening fatigue, improve social connections and make it easier to socialise in noisy settings.

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Hearing care in your pocket, whenever you need it

Get immediate access to in-depth hearing assessments, support from healthcare professionals, and evidence-based training games to improve your hearing, all from your smartphone.

Discover your hearing strengths and weaknesses to receive a tailored auditory training programme that could help you improve how well you can hear speech in noise by up to 20%.

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Improve five core auditory processing skills

Our 5 essential hearing skills are: detection, discrimination, localisation, intelligibility in silence and in noise.

eargym’s training focuses on the brain, not the ears. Our ears pick up the sounds around us but it’s our brain that applies meaning to them. Just like any muscle, we can train our brain to process these sounds better.

We use immersive audio to recreate how our hearing works in real life. Grab your headphones and test your hearing skills now.

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The more you train your hearing, the more you can benefit

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In our latest research study:

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Participants improved by 2dB, on average. This is a 20% improvement in speech intelligibility.

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of participants found that eargym’s training programme improved their hearing skills.

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 of participants improved their ability to hear in noisy places in just 7 weeks.*

*Measured with participants who listed this as an area they wanted to improve in.

Want to know more about our research on improving hearing? Click here

“As an audiologist, I often recommend eargym to my patients because the auditory training and hearing checks are backed by research, informed by a range of experts in the field, and are designed in collaboration with users who have a range of hearing abilities. Anything I can do to help my patients improve their quality of life is worth it for me, and I believe eargym offers that.”

Wendy Davies, Senior Audiologist, UK

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Try eargym

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