Love your hearing, live well for longer.

eargym is the digital hearing fitness platform offering fun and immersive hearing training games designed to improve your hearing skills.

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Our user testing shows an average improvement of 16% in 73% of individuals in just 8 weeks. Can you beat that?


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How eargym works

Our goal is to give you the tools to proactively look after your own hearing health and reduce the impact of hearing loss on your quality of life.


Discover your hearing

Test your hearing, track progress and receive personalised advice

Training Games

Train your auditory skills and improve your hearing experience

Improve with others

Join a community of people improving and learning together

What is hearing training?

Good hearing is good for our social engagement and overall health and well-being. Unfortunately, hearing loss from age and noise-related wear and tear is very common, with around 1.5 billion people at risk.

The good news is you can take action; by combining realistic immersive audio technology and scientific research our training games stimulate the ears and parts of the brain responsible for hearing. It’s like a software upgrade for your auditory system.