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How the team created the best hearing training app for users


The founders at eargym set out from the get go to create a leading hearing training app. An app to provide real world solutions to address real challenges faced by millions of people across both the UK and the wider international community.

eargym: championing hearing health

Both of eargym’s founders, Andy and Amanda are living with the impact of unaddressed hearing loss. Amanda in her role as an ex NHS CEO understood the link between hearing impairment and the impact this has on a whole range of areas in life. There are obvious impacts - such as socialising for example. There are also less well known links with hearing impairment -  the onset of Alzheimer's or short-term memory loss, for example. 


Amanda and Andy realised that hearing, which after all is one of our most important senses, is often not heard within the wider health and well-being dialog. We needed a hearing champion. eargym is Amanda and Andy’s response to improving the cornerstone’s of hearing health.

3 cornerstones of hearing health: testing, training and protection

Andy and Amanda identified three important aspects of hearing that are fundamental to both long-term hearing health and the associated well-being benefits. In aiming to deliver the best hearing training app experience for eargym users, founders and the wider team set out their stall to build a simple to use platform (around all three cornerstones of hearing health).  An ambitious, groundbreaking undertaking, which includes three key areas::


  • Comprehensive hearing testing and long term monitoring

  • Hearing training, designed to support brain function to hear better

  • Protecting, and creating a personal record of our hearing health for the longer term


As if this wasn’t enough, eargym also contributes to further hearing related research, alongside the provision of  widespread, easily accessible hearing information for those with hearing loss. 

The eargym community

eargym aims to have something for everyone. Those with perfect hearing can both protect their hearing and most importantly monitor their hearing health year on year. This feature uniquely creates a long-term personalised record of hearing health. Useful to spot early signs of addressable hearing loss. Something that regular gig-goers, match attendee’s  or anyone that might be exposed to louder or recurrent noises will find extremely reassuring. 


Those with mild impairment are able to attend the eargym - a virtual hearing gym to work on hearing focused brain training. eargym research is showing that 71% of eargym users report a noticeable improvement to their hearing health within just 4 weeks.  

For those with severe hearing loss you’ll find eargym to be a source of helpful insights, detailed hearing related information and support.

Developing the best hearing training app experience for users

There is a huge body of research showing links between the benefits of hearing focused brain training, and overall hearing health. eargym have pledged to support further research to support this important area of our nations hearing health. Naturally those findings are shaping the future development of some of the foremost hearing training games and training exercises, helping us improve the hearing fitness of the nation and beyond, 

Pioneering hearing training research

eargym’s pioneering hearing training research work, and top tier hearing training app has been recognised by a number of organisations that care about well-being and health. The research between hearing training and dementia is just one area that has generated interest and support from a range of organisations, including the Alzheimer's Society and UK Research and Innovation.


Want to get involved with helping to develop the best hearing training app experience for eargym users? We’d love to hear from you!  So please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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