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eargym hearing games and exercises


Welcome to the eargym. Your virtual workout is designed to train your brain to hear better within a few short weeks. The eargym app includes a range of immersive hearing games and exercises designed to help you hear speech in busy places better, distinguish different, but similar sounds and improve your ability to pinpoint sound sources. 


New research shows that whilst the ear itself cannot be directly improved the brain can learn and respond to specific auditory based stimuli. eargym hearing training is designed to work with the brain to help regular users gain the most from what they hear. 

Hearing games designed to train your brain to hear better in just a few short weeks

  • Play 3 times a week for best result

  • Each hearing game trains a different hearing skill:

    • Sound Seeker - localisation (locating where sounds are coming from)

    • Busy Barista - intelligibility (understanding speech in noisy places)

    • Tone Tap - discrimination (remembering and telling different sounds apart)

Sound Seeker hearing game

Where better to train your hearing than in a beautiful jungle or among the calming waters of the ocean? With Sound Seeker, you can virtually transport yourself to beautiful natural environments, as you locate where different animal sounds are coming from.


Sound Seeker is an immersive hearing game that trains your sound localisation skills, which means locating the source of a sound. This highly important hearing skill is one we use every day to determine the direction and location of sounds in our environment.


Our hearing game, Sound Seeker, makes practising this skill fun, as you make your way through different environments, searching for all manner of creatures, including lions, parrots, cicadas, leopards, squids, orcas and electric eels!


With three different environments to choose from (forest, ocean and jungle), Sound Seeker makes practising your hearing skills interesting and engaging every time. Why not try taking 5 to 10 minutes to play Sound Seeker as a perfect break during your daily routine?


Sound Seeker not only helps you train your hearing skills, but has the added benefit of helping you to relax with its calming music, soothing animal sounds and beautiful images of nature. With Sound Seeker, you can escape for a few minutes to the sea or jungle during a typical weekday!


This hearing training game offers you an engaging way to practise useful hearing skills, no matter your age. Sound Seeker is easy to learn; simply put on your headphones and listen to the sound as you drag your finger around the screen until you locate the sound source, then tap where you think the animal is.


The sound will play louder as you get closer to the source and quieter as you move further away. You also need to pay attention to the balance of sound between the left and right headphones, as the sound will level out equally between both sides when you close in on its location.


You’ll see either a percentage of how close you got to the sound source, or a miss if you were too far away. Sound Seeker automatically adjusts the difficulty level to your progress as you make more guesses, so your hearing training becomes personalised for your own individual needs.


As you play the Sound Seeker hearing game, you’ll also hear some background noises from different animals in the same environment, so Sound Seeker also helps you to identify a particular sound amongst others – another useful skill! Give this fun hearing training game a go and see how many animals you can find!

Busy Barista hearing game - speech in noise training

Let’s head on over now to your new favourite coffee shop! Understanding speech in noisy places is the primary skill Busy Barista is designed to improve. More specifically, the eargym Busy Barista hearing game offers a series of gamified hearing exercises designed by UK audiologists to improve cognitive brain function linked to hearing speech in noise. In short, it’s a very cool form of brain training


Working as a barista in a noisy cafe you’ll serve customers with their favourite drinks and cakes, whilst simultaneously developing your ability to discern speech in noise many decibels below the background ‘noise’ of the cafe. 


Busy Barista is designed to play optimally on your mobile phone using the eargym app using your headphones set to 50% volume. The hearing game is quick to learn and to use, and whilst we can’t guarantee you’ll become a fully fledged barista, you’ll certainly have fun and improve your hearing health! 


eargym research is showing that regularly immersing in auditory training games using the eargym app improved the hearing health of over 70% of eargym users within 4 weeks.


Like to try Busy Barista for free? We have you covered - simply download the eargym app and try out the Busy Barista hearing game alongside a variety of other great hearing training games. 

The science behind eargym

eargym Impact studies show that 71% of eargym users experienced a noticeable difference to their hearing in just a four weeks, with over half reporting improvements in being able to pay attention for longer. 


eargym is dedicated to a 2-year long programme, working with hearing impairment and to improve the impact of eargym hearing training. 


If you like the idea of giving a eargym a whirl, then don’t hesitate to grab your trial. 

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Learn More

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Learn more about how the eargym team built a hearing training app designed to improve hearing skills and help people become better listeners.

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All of us could benefit from better hearing care. Find out more about auditory training and how it's possible to train yourself to hear better. 

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Can brain training improve hearing speech in noisy places? eargym is designed by audiologists to target both hearing and cognitive skills.

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