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Your free 3-minute hearing check 

Make looking after your hearing fun. Find out your hearing profile and get a personalised game to help you improve your hearing skills. 

There's no such thing as a bad result

Everyone’s hearing is unique to them; no matter what your hearing profile is, there are steps you can take today to do something about it.

Why take the eargym hearing check?

Our hearing sense is an immensely powerful tool, helping us stay safe and offering up wonderful experiences for us to enjoy. To ensure our hearing stays healthy for longer, we need to take care to look after and monitor it. 

Unfortunately, hearing loss as a consequence of noise exposure and ageing is a growing issue, affecting millions of people worldwide. At eargym, we want to give you the tools and support you need to take action today and love your hearing.

Our Partners

eargym is greatfull for the advice and guidance of:


of eargym testers noticed an improvement in their hearing experience after 4 weeks of training.

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eargym comes personally recommended by experts in the field of audiology 

Jesal Vishnuram.jpg

Jesal Vishnuram

Head of Assistive Technology | RNID

“Here at RNID we share similar values to eargym, to help people learn more about their hearing health and improve their hearing ability. This test offers a quick and simple way to learn more about your personal hearing ability and what  you can do about it right now.”

Professor Adrian C Davis OBE PhD HonD FSS FFPH FRSM

Honorary Professor Hearing and Communication | UCL
Population Health Science | LSE

“The treatment of hearing loss hasn’t changed in 100 years, it is great to see some new innovation coming through in this space”


92% of eargym testers would like to keep training regularly with our auditory games.

"I was nervous about taking my first hearing test I have done in years but eargym made it really simple and easy to get started. The free personalised results were very accurate - I was really impressed!" - eargym Beta Tester

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