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  • Jennifer Birtles

Get Professional Help From an Audiologist

Hearing health plays an important role in our overall well-being and helps us stay connected to the world around us. If you, or someone you love, experience any changes to your hearing it’s important to speak to a professional. Audiologists specialise in hearing loss and ear care and will assist you with the diagnosis and treatment of any problems and help you with the management of your ongoing hearing health.

What is hearing health?

Everyone’s hearing health is unique; it’s made up of our ear’s physical hearing capacity, the range of sounds we’re able to hear, and our hearing skills which is our brain’s ability to process and discern sounds.

As changes in our hearing occur, either due to natural wear and tear or exposure to loud noise, our brains may struggle to adjust to the change and have to work harder to understand sounds. This can make engaging with the world around us challenging and tiring. Auditory training is designed to help with this by using immersive and engaging games to stimulate the ears and the brain and improve our ability to make sense of the sounds we hear.

Learn more about your hearing skills with eargym’s hearing check.

Our hearing capacity refers to what we’re physically able to hear. This is impacted by both age and noise exposure, among other lifestyle factors. Hearing capacity is measured with a pure tone audiometry test, helping identify hearing thresholds and determining the degree of hearing loss someone may be experiencing.

If you’re not experiencing any problems with your hearing but are curious about your hearing health and learning more about it, then taking an online hearing test is a good option as they usually only take a couple of minutes to complete. These are shorter than the tests you will do with an audiol