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Hearing Care for All: Screen, Rehabilitate, Communicate

World Hearing Day 2021 marks a world first with the launch of the first ever World Report on Hearing. The theme for 2021, Hearing Care for All, helps to raise awareness on the number of people affected by hearing loss and how vitally important accessible hearing healthcare is throughout our lives.

There is already a staggering 1.5 billion people around the world living with hearing loss. Unless urgent action is taken and preventative healthcare measures implemented this number is only going to continue to grow.

Find out more about the scale of the issue we are tackling and what measures you can take to ensure good hearing health and care.

Get involved with World Hearing Day

To mark World Hearing Day 2021, the World Health Organisation, Coalition for Global Hearing Health, and World Hearing Forum have launched a global 24 hear-a-thon. There are hundreds of brilliant activities happening all over the world to celebrate World Hearing Day. Check out the World Health Organisation’s interactive map to see the full range of exciting activities, get involved, help spread the word, and encourage others to join the mission. Together, we can tackle hearing loss and ear disease and improve the lives of millions.

Follow the hear-a-thon Facebook page for a full showcase of all the events as they happen.

Exclusively for World Hearing Day 2021, eargym launched a special release of one of our hearing training games. Designed to target and strengthen key hearing skills, eargym's training stimulates both the ears and parts of the brain responsible for hearing. Play the game, challenge family and friends, share your score on social media and tag #beatmybarista to be in with a chance of winning free eargym for life.

Looking after your ears

Hearing care starts with you - the World Health Organisation has outlined easy, simple steps for us all to follow to help care for our ears, enabling us to live well for longer.

Maintaining good hearing care will help to preserve your hearing and can help prevent ear-related diseases. If you are concerned about your hearing, experience any ear-related pain, or have a build-up of earwax, do get help from a professional audiologist or speak to your GP. Early detection of hearing loss and any other ear-related problems is key to effective care and rehabilitation.

Tips for hearing aid users

Hearing aids are powerful tools helping millions of people with hearing loss every day.

The World Health Organisation has put together an easy, coherent guide on how to get the most out of your hearing aid, and answering key questions about hearing aid use.

Visit the World Health Organisation to find out more about hearing care for all and to read the full World Report on Hearing.


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