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Love Your Hearing Christmas Gift Guide

Whether you're looking to treat yourself or buy a gift for a loved one, our gift guide is the perfect way to find a bit of inspiration for all the audio lovers in your life. We scoured the internet to find a unique selection of thoughtful gifts and stocking fillers that fit every budget.

Disclaimer: we are not sponsored by any of these brands - this list reflects our personal choices. However, some affiliate links may give us a small commission.

For the live music lover - Hearing Protection

This Christmas, there are plenty of fun live events to go to, from gigs to office parties, pantos, and more! We just need to be careful when we are enjoying these events that we also look after our ears.

Decibels (dB) are a unit of measurement that specify how loud a sound is. There are a range of ear plugs out there, each designed to reduce the noise level and protect your ears from loud sounds. Different sets of ear plugs will have different decibel reduction levels. For example, if an ear plug says it has 16 dB protection, it means it reduces the loudness of the environment by 16 dB. For reference, sound doubles in intensity every 3 dB, so a decrease of 16 dB is significant.

ACS Pacato 16 ear plugs

Ready-to-go foam ear plugs with 16 dB protection perfect to carry around at all times. Being in a nightclub or live performance without ear protection can cause damage to your hearing in just 15 minutes. This 16 dB protection means you can be in these loud environments for up to 8 hours, with regular breaks. This makes the Pacato 16 earplugs a great gift for club-goers and live music enthusiasts.

To redeem your eargym exclusive discount, use the code EARGYM20 at checkout and get 20% off.

Designed to be an affordable, all-round 18 dB protection for your ears, these stylish earplugs are perfect for live events and noisy environments.

Minuendo ear plugs

These are the perfect gift for music lovers and pro-musicians. They offer an adjustable protection of between 7 and 25 dB while maintaining sound quality.

Grab a pair of Minuendo’s high-quality, adjustable ear plugs with an exclusive 20% discount when you use the code EARGYMSB at checkout.

For the listening lover - Safe Listening Headphones

Price: from £130

Choose between a maximum volume of either 85 dB or 95 dB to protect your ears against permanent hearing damage. With two levels of Active Noise Cancellation, these ear plugs enable you to enjoy your music safely, no matter the environment.

These Yamaha wireless in-ear earphones are designed to help you hear your music in any environment, without having to crank up the volume to an unsafe level. Their Listening Care Technology optimises sound pressure and frequency, meaning every note can be heard even at low volume.

For music lovers

Here are some fun, personalised gifts, suitable for anyone, no matter your music taste.

A framed print of your favourite lyrics in the shape of a vinyl record, is a perfect gift for music lovers and loved ones on a special occasion. This gift is customisable to include lyrics from a favourite song, with a simple and elegant design that will look good in any home.

A simple yet eye-catching reproduction of the original headphones patent every music enthusiast will enjoy decorating their house with.

Price: £9.49

An exploration of the role music plays in our lives and human evolution, and why it creates such an emotional experience in people. It’s a sure win with both music enthusiasts and avid book readers who enjoy a variety of genres.

Price: £19.00

A lively book exploring the connection between music and science, taking us behind the scenes of music production today. With a lot of technical information, this book is ideal for people passionate about music and neuroscience.

Price: £29.77

This electronic game combines the classic version of Bop It! with songs by your favourite singers. With 5 game modes: classic, classic party, DJ, DJ party or remix, and solo or multiplayer modes, you need to respond fast and accurately to win.

Price: £24.99

A unique and elegant headphone hanger with a cable holder to safely store your headphones and cables and clear away some space on your desk. The stand can be used as an elegant decorative piece for your home and a place to store your headphones that keeps them protected.

Gifts that also donate to charity

from our partners at Alzheimer’s Society

Price: £7.99

A great stocking filler or Secret Santa gift, this mug is designed by the Alzheimer's Society to keep your drink warm in style.

Price: £3.99

Unleash your inner elf! Complete your festive outfit with this fun elf headband, perfect for family and office parties this Christmas season.

Price: £69.99

This radio has a very simple design, with large buttons and features that make it very easy to use. Listening to the radio or your favourite music is now more accessible for everyone.

A board game that takes you through your and other players' life stories, experiences, and values, to deepen your relationship with others.

Price: £2.50

This trolley keyring is so handy when out and about shopping. Just attach it to your keys to take it with you everywhere, then pop it out to use the trolley. Designed to be used with any trolley at any shop or supermarket in the place of a £1 coin.

Price: £9.99

Show your support for Alzheimer’s Society with this special edition, stylish tote bag in dark blue with a white logo design.

Gifts suitable for people with dementia

from our partners at Alzheimer’s Society

Price: £11.00

This calendar is ideal for those with dementia, as it not only includes the day and date, but also why the particular day is important. A page per day calendar showing today’s date with space for your own reminders and notes.

Price: £16.99

Includes 150 puzzles of varying difficulty, aiming to target different areas of the brain and improve cognition. With puzzles to challenge memory or skills with pictures, words, numbers, or logic, Mind Games offers a workout for a wide range of brain functions.

Stocking fillers

Price: £12.50

Each door reveals a new Christmas track, culminating in an awesome playlist for Christmas Day. You can customise it to include the big Christmas classics, pop hits, or carols.

Price: £11.50

From Madonna to Johnny Cash to Amy Winehouse, this brilliant set of cards features illustrations of the big names across four music genres: Pop, Rock n Roll, Folk & Country, and R&B.

Price: £11.93

These fun and compact hearing cases can be customised to any colour, font, and pattern. They’re perfect to bring anywhere to keep your hearing aids safe and fit into purses, pockets, and backpacks.

Price: £10

Featuring over thirty recipes inspired by some of the most renowned rock artists ever. Each dish is accompanied by an exclusive piece of artwork. While catering to cooks of all abilities and tastes this book will help you master a wide range of starters, mains, and desserts.

We hope you enjoyed our 2023 audio-lover’s gift guide, and hope you got the perfect gift you were looking for or found some ideas to get inspired by. We wish you all the best for this holiday season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

The eargym team


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