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Protecting hearing

How to protect your hearing

How to stop hearing loss 

If only there was a simple step-by-step process we could tell you to follow - eat 3 oranges a day and listen to Mozart for 5 minutes. 

Preventing hearing loss is much more nuanced than this. You first need to consider your lifestyle - do you work in a noisy environment? Do you attend gigs regularly? Do you have other health conditions, such as diabetes? Once you’ve made note of these things, you can take precautions, such as wearing ear plugs at gigs or taking breaks from noisy environments. 

The best way to minimise hearing loss is to look after your hearing now and make sure you're aware of the risks and take preventative care. 


Unfortunately, some forms of hearing loss can’t be prevented. Hearing loss is a natural part of ageing, and if it’s caused by a serious illness it can be hard to avoid or prevent. But, training and strengthening your hearing can help to reduce the impact on your quality of life.


In these cases, taking action early on and seeking out support is crucial. Perhaps, ‘how to stop hearing loss from affecting my day-to-day life?’ is an equally important question to ask. There are many ways in which you can empower yourself and prevent hearing loss from impacting your relationships and working life.

How to protect your hearing

This hearing hub is intended to be purely informational. If you have any concerns about your hearing, we recommend speaking to a professional.

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