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Why does our hearing health matter?

Hearing health is a key part of our day-to-day experiences, and without it our social interactions are greatly affected.

Our hearing is an immensely powerful sense that never switches off. In fact, it still operates in very much the same way  it did thousands of years ago when its goal was to protect us from roaming tigers and other approaching predators. The hearing sense acts as an early warning system, staying alert and constantly scanning the environment around us for potential threats.

Over time our hearing sense has evolved, nowadays it not only keeps us safe but truly helps us get the most out of life by offering up wonderful experiences for us to enjoy. Whether it's engaging with loved ones, listening to a favourite album, or exploring the many sounds nature has to offer, our hearing is key to ensuring we all live well for longer.

It becomes very frustrating when the simple things that we take for granted in life become a challenge. People living with hearing loss can find it hard to keep up a conversation with friends or socialise in public places which may lead to people withdrawing from social interactions. But it’s not just our social life that hearing loss has an effect on. Scientific research shows that our hearing is also linked to our cognitive health, and is the most amenable factor in 9% of all dementias. All this is relatively new news and researchers are working hard in this area to fully understand the link between them.

Raising awareness about hearing loss, its impacts, and what we can all do to minimise the effects is vital to improving global hearing health. eargym is on a mission to empower people to take charge of their hearing health and eradicate 5 million cases of dementia worldwide.

Join us on our mission and sign up.

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