Play with Purpose

Experts generally recognise 5 main hearing skills: detection; localisation; discrimination; intelligibility in silence; and intelligibility in noise.

By utilising the latest available scientific research and technology, we’re developing immersive hearing training exercises designed for smartphones. Our auditory training games are carefully designed to train your hearing skills, stimulating your ears as well as the parts of the brain responsible for hearing, ensuring they are an enjoyable and effective experience. 

Our immersive and entertaining hearing training games

Our goal is to make looking after your well-being as easy and as entertaining as possible. 


Busy Barista

Busy Barista is a game designed to train your ability to understand speech in noise.


Set up shop as a barista, keep your customers happy and get their orders right to level up. As you advance through the game, busier and noisier locations will be unlocked for you to try.

Star Track

Star Track tests and trains your ability to detect and localise sounds.


Map out constellations in a newly discovered galaxy by following the sound of the stars as they guide you. Listen carefully for specific sounds to ensure you follow the correct path between the stars to complete the constellations. 



Radar is a simple game that trains your location-based hearing skills. 


Listen carefully to identify in which direction momentary sounds are coming from and locate them on the radar. The game will adjust accordingly to make it easier or more challenging to pinpoint the sound source. 

Sound Seeker

Sound Seeker transports you to various sound rich environments to test your detection and discrimination skills.


The challenge is to forage for the source of specific sounds which are hidden amongst the soundscape in front of you.



Engross yourself in a high quality 3D audio experience


Benefit from technology that mimics real-world hearing



Mix training with fun in short, stimulating games