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Love your hearing, live well for longer
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Check your hearing and play fun and immersive training games designed to boost your listening skills and improve your hearing experience in everyday life.
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What are our hearing skills?

Most of our hearing actually happens in the brain and our hearing skills relate to our ability to interpret the sounds our ears detect. Practising our hearing skills can help us improve our hearing health and become better listeners.

Our hearing skills include:


Can I hear the sound in the first place?


Where is the sound coming from?


For example, is the sound a fire alarm, or an ice-cream van?

Intelligibility in Silence and in Noise

Can I understand what is being said, even in a cafe?

Hearing training

Research shows that hearing training can boost our hearing ability by helping our brains to adapt to changes in our hearing.


eargym gives you the tools to proactively look after your own hearing health, check your well-being, and reduce the impact of hearing loss on your quality of life.

Well-being impact

By using our app and regularly testing and training your hearing skills you can have a positive impact on improving people’s well-being and quality of life.


We contribute anonymised data to advance this hugely important area of science about how hearing and dementia are linked and how we can tackle it.

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Improve your hearing fitness and live well for longer.
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