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The award-winning hearing health platform

Making it easy to provide hearing care to your customers, employees, and community.

eargym helps everyone maintain good hearing health with in-depth hearing assessments, personalised auditory training programmes, and support from healthcare professionals every step of the way.

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eargym's packages include:

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A suite of research-backed checks

Understand more about hearing health, how to protect it, and maintain healthy hearing throughout life.

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Personalised training programmes

Challenge hearing and cognitive skills with fun and immersive auditory training games designed to keep the brain active.

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Education & training for your team

Support your teams to prevent avoidable hearing loss and boost health & safety adherence with more education.

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Can eargym help you?

We are shaping the future of hearing care with an innovative new approach that puts the individual back in the driving seat.


Are you interested in providing eargym hearing care as a value-add service?

Stand out in the marketplace with a unique offering for your customers and community.


Are you looking for something new and innovative to offer employees?

Support your employees with better hearing care and differentiate yourself as a hearing inclusive organisation by providing access to hearing testing and training.


Would you like to work together?

We partner with organisations in complementary sectors with a shared interest in hearing health and well-being.

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Improve five core auditory processing skills

Our 5 essential hearing skills are: detection, discrimination, localisation, intelligibility in silence and in noise.

eargym’s training focuses on the brain, not the ears. Our auditory training is carefully designed to strengthen core hearing and cognitive skills, stimulating the brain to become more efficient at processing sound.

The impact you could have

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Prevent avoidable hearing loss

50% of young adults are at risk of noise-induced hearing loss and yet it’s avoidable.

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Improve speech intelligibility up to 20%

Our research shows that regular training could improve our ability to understand speech in noise.

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Reduce risk of cognitive decline & dementia

Scientists believe that hearing loss is the biggest modifiable risk factor for dementia.

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Reduce associated costs

From employee burnout, to lost productivity, absenteeism, and early retirement. 

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Want to know more about our research on improving hearing? Click here

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“Unaddressed hearing loss is the next corporate social responsibility (CSR) challenge for businesses. Hearing has often been overlooked in the controlled environment of office spaces but I truly believe it is an aspect of well-being that better organisations will allocate more time to in terms of both educating colleagues on hearing and encouraging support where required.”

Ian Hodson

Head of Reward & Deputy Director of HR

University of Lincoln

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