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The new innovative features on our smartphones

As a nation we are now using smartphones in everyday life more than ever. Everything from Zoom calls in the office to streaming music on our phones can put a little extra strain on our ears. Many smartphones now come with innovative features to help us protect our hearing and monitor our listening to keep hearing well.

Get to know the most innovative features on Apple and Android.

Hearing accessibility features with iOS

These allow users to clearly hear their calls and notifications better by directly connecting your hearing aids to your Apple devices, further allowing you to control your hearing aids from the palm of your hand.

An additional support feature that turns any Apple device into a remote microphone and sends the audio directly to your earphones or hearing aids. This feature is useful for when you are far away from the speaker, or in a crowded environment.

A feature for calls which provide instant transmissions of a message as you write it, and are immediately saved and accessible once the call has ended. Along with FaceTime video calls, with their high definition making it clear to communicate through sign language from your phone, and iOS’ advanced video subtitles, letting you enjoy your entertainment stress-free.

The Noise App allows you to measure ambient noise levels and their duration, and can notify you when these surrounding noises reach a damaging level. Easy to check, by just opening the Noise App on your Apple Watch it will automatically measure and alert you of the noise levels.

For more information on Apple’s hearing accessibility features, click here.

Never miss a beat with Android

Live Transcripts allow users to never miss a beat in real-time, this feature can quickly and accurately capture surrounding sounds and transcribe them directly onto your device’s screen. This feature allows you to enjoy the moment without a feeling of isolation and stress, useful for when you are having conversations in crowded places.

Similarly to the Live Transcripts, Android also offers the Live Caption feature which adds captions to anything that is being shown on your phone screen - caption almost anything on your screen and enjoy.

Downloading Sound Amplifier will allow you to boost any sound while giving you full control of what sounds to drown out in the background. All it takes is plugging in your earphones and adjusting, and enjoy the sounds you want to hear.

Find out more about Android’s features - here.


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