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Check and protect your hearing

Congratulations! You have 30% off eargym 🎉

ACS Custom and eargym are coming together to make it even easier for you to take care of your hearing.

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We could all benefit from doing a little more for our hearing health. Start today by checking and protecting your hearing.

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Want to do more for your hearing?

We only get one pair of ears and we need to look after them - good hearing care starts with protection and regular checks. eargym is pleased to partner with ACS Custom to raise awareness on the importance of hearing health and share easy ways musicians and music-lovers can look after their hearing throughout life.

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"We're really excited to partner with ACS Custom who have 30 years experience in hearing conservation. They are a top provider of earplugs and in-ear monitors and provide great, affordable options for protection."

Andy Shanks

Ex-DJ and eargym Co-founder


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ACS Custom is excited to offer you the chance to improve your hearing with 30% off eargym's hearing checks and training.

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